Human Composting in Washington DC

Human composting is an environmentally-friendly funeral option that is available in a growing number of states in the US.

Washington DC residents interested in human composting can find everything they need to know about the process on this page.

Human composting Washington DC
Cremation alternatives in Washington DC

What is human composting?

Human composting is an environmentally-friendly alternative to cremation and traditional burial, which is also known as body composting, natural organic reduction or soil transformation. Over a 45-day process, a body is gently transformed into nutrient-rich soil.

Families choose how much soil they’d like returned - to scatter or plant - and the remainder is sent to local conservation sites where it’s used for land restoration projects, such as reforestation and growing trees. The process returns the nutrients in our bodies to the natural world, and helps protect the planet for future generations.

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Is human composting legal in Washington DC?

Human composting is not currently legal in Washington DC.

The process has a significant number of supporters across the US. Human composting could be legalized in Washington DC in the coming years, if current trends continue.

Currently, human composting is legal in California, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, Nevada and New York. Bills are progressing in a number of other states. For a full and up-to-date breakdown of the legal status in different states, check our legislation tracker.

How can I choose human composting as a Washington DC resident?

Residents will need to wait until Washington DC legalizes human composting to access services in state.

At Earth, we’re working hard to get human composting legalized across the US and to offer our services in Washington DC. In the meantime, you can become an Earth Founding Member.

Becoming an Earth Founding Member allows you to choose our soil transformation process for yourself, receive $500 off an Earth Prepaid plan when we launch in Washington DC post-legalization, and helps us to prioritize our expansion.

We appreciate your support as we bring natural organic reduction nationwide.

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The Earth™ Difference

Carbon neutral

Our process is carbon neutral versus the 535 lbs of CO2 produced by the average cremation (equivalent to a 600+ mile car journey).

Online convenience

Make arrangements in less than 15 minutes, manage everything online with the Earth Portal, and share obituaries with family and friends.

Exceptional care

Our care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We update you at each stage of the process via email, SMS or via our online Portal.

State-of-the-art facility

We own and operate the world’s most advanced soil transformation facilities. Designed in conjunction with leading sustainable architects, our facilities use 100% renewable energy and provide a calm and tranquil setting for the soil transformation process.

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Unique final resting places

Each soil transformation process produces an approximate cubic yard of soil. Choose how much soil you’d like returned and send the remaining soil to our local conservation sites for land restoration projects.

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