Earth | PNW

We own and operate the world’s largest, most advanced soil transformation facility. Designed in conjunction with a leading sustainable architect, our 78-vessel facility uses 100% renewable energy and offers a beautiful send-off for a life well-lived.

Natural Organic Reduction facility Washington/Oregon

The Earth | PNW lobby

Funeral home Washington/Oregon

An Earth soil transformation vessel - each process takes place in its own individual vessel

Soil transformation in Washington and Oregon

Our vessel room - with capacity for 78 vessels

Earth | PNW

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4620 B St NW, Suite 102, Auburn, WA, 98001

We own and operate Washington’s most advanced soil transformation facility.

For your convenience, you can make arrangements online, over the phone, or at our facility.

Families can collect their loved one’s soil from our facility during collection hours, or we can return it via USPS or hand-delivery. We notify you when your soil is ready. Collection hours are 9am - 5pm.