Human composting services in Anacortes, WA

Earth is a Green Funeral Home that provides human composting services in Anacortes, WA. We gently transform bodies into nutrient-rich soil.

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Green funerals in Anacortes, WA
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Anacortes soil transformation

Soil transformation, also referred to as body composting or natural organic reduction, is an environmentally-friendly alternative to cremation and traditional burial. Over a 45-day process, a body is gently transformed into nutrient-rich soil.

Families choose how much soil they’d like returned - to scatter or plant - and the remainder is sent to local conservation sites where it’s used for land restoration projects, such as reforestation and growing trees. The process returns the nutrients in our bodies to the natural world, and helps protect the planet for future generations.

Whether you’re making arrangements for a loved one, or looking for a prepaid funeral plan as part of your own end-of-life planning, Earth offers the most sustainable funeral process in Anacortes, combined with an industry-leading online experience.

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Modern, eco-friendly Anacortes funeral home

Carbon neutral

Our process is carbon neutral versus the 535 lbs of CO2 produced by the average cremation (equivalent to a 600+ mile car journey).

Online convenience

Make arrangements in less than 15 minutes, manage everything online with the Earth Portal, and share obituaries with family and friends.

Exceptional care

Our care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We update you at each stage of the process via email, SMS or via our online Portal.

State-of-the-art soil transformation facility

We own and operate the world’s most advanced soil transformation facility. Designed in conjunction with a leading sustainable architect, our King County facility uses 100% renewable energy and offers a beautiful send-off for a life well lived. From here we serve Anacortes and surrounding counties in Washington.

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Olympic Peninsula final resting place

Surrounded by Giant Maple, Red Cedar and Douglas-fir trees, we own five acres of tranquil land on the Olympic Peninsula. Using soil from the Earth process, we’re restoring and conserving this land for future generations. Return to nature and rest in beauty through soil transformation.

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The Earth Package

The Earth Package

The Earth Package takes place in the days immediately following the passing and without a viewing or funeral service beforehand.

Our package includes everything you need:

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    Services of a licensed funeral director
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    Collection & care from place of passing
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    Filing of all necessary paperwork & permits
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    An Earth soil transformation
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    Portions of the soil returned in biodegradable containers
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    5 Impact Trees planted by One Tree Planted
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    Access to the Earth Family Portal
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Natural organic reduction in Anacortes, WA

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Local Anacortes information

Nearest facility

Earth | PNW

(877) 327-4109

4620 B St NW, Suite 102, Auburn, WA, 98001

Soil collection hours are Monday through Friday, 12-4pm

We own and operate Washington’s most advanced soil transformation facility.

For your convenience, all arrangements are made online, over the phone or at our facility.

Families can collect their loved one’s soil from our facility during collection hours, or we can return it via USPS or hand-delivery. We notify you when your soil is ready.

Death certificates in Anacortes

Earth orders death certificates on your behalf. Should you wish to order them directly, you can do so via Skagit County Public Health Department.

Visit their website for up to date opening hours.

Skagit County Coroner’s Office

The medical examiner investigates all sudden or unexpected deaths in Anacortes. If your loved one is at the Skagit County Coroner’s Office, we will help you navigate their paperwork.

More information can be found on their website.