Terry "Bo" Tritten

Nov. 24, 1957 - June 10, 2023

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Terry Bo who was a guardian of the earth and cherished his loved ones while welcoming friends from all walks of life. His happiness and open mindedness made him a truly admirable figure whose character many were inspired by in his life of adventure and knowledge. His passion for survival skills and teaching others showcased his desire to share valuable experiences. This is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor his legacy. Through soil transformation and the planting of a tree he continues to care for the environment even after his passing. This act symbolizes hope for a sustainable future for his children and grandchildren, ensuring they can experience the same freedom and love for the nature that he cherished during his lifetime. It's a touching tribute that reflects his deep connection to Earth and his desire to leave a positive impact for generation to come.


Leave the earth with beauty

Earth specializes in soil transformation, an environmentally-friendly alternative to burial and cremation. Over a 45-day process, we gently transform a body into nutrient-rich soil. We then send this soil to our local conservation land where it’s used for restoration projects such as reforestation and nourishing challenged ecosystems.

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