Sandra Lee Stephens

Sept. 20, 1944 - Oct. 3, 2023

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Sandra Lee Stephens departed Earth on October 3rd, in the company of her nephew Tony Jennings. She is survived by Tony and his wife Keri, and their children Hayley, Carson, and Thane. Sandra was an avid lover of German Shepherds. Her incredible dogs Zen and Hawk preceded her in passing. A lifelong writer with a passion for speaking to the social conscience and inner child of her readers, Sandra loved to create and share stories of the serendipitous nature of the Universe. Her writing ran the gamut from humorous to serious, from ruminating on the wonder of the seemingly mundane to flights of absolute magical fancy. Her goal was to inspire others and speak about what she knew to be true - the interconnectivity of our Earth, ourselves, and our Universe as well as our responsibility to foster that precious balance. Sandra was true steward of nature, often planting trees and nurturing plant life in her beloved forests and wooded areas of the Oregon coast. Her love for forest creatures and wildlife is shared by her great-nephew Thane. "Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees" was one of her most used and cherished mantras. Sandra will be greatly missed by her family and circle of very close friends. A creative spirit, a fierce ally, and a potent sparring partner in philosophical debates, she will be most remembered for her ability to always look up, look ahead, and look around for the magic and wonder that surrounds us everywhere - all the time. We miss you already. Love, Tony


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