Miles Walter Kintz

March 22, 2000 - Dec. 10, 2022

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Miles Walter Kintz is and always was, a child of the universe. He lived steeped in a world full of beauty, nature, art, adventure and music and walked in pure love. Born in San Francisco Ca, March 22, 2000, raised in Petaluma, Ca and living back in the family home at the time of his death from a car accident on Dec. 10th 2022. He was 22 gorgeous years old. Miles found joy in the natural world and in the artful complexities of the human condition. He was a consummate, insatiable and non traditional learner. Always seeking questions in order to find answers and sharing his learnings with all those willing to listen. Miles embraced any opportunity to hear people's stories and share his as well. Nightly dinners with his family and dearest partner, daily escapades with his friends he held so close, fellow fireside campers, patrons at Trailhead cafe and strangers on the bus. Amidst all the interactions in his daily life, Miles resonated with love and insight. His travels to Equador, Croatia, Los Angeles, Mexico, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, New England, Mendocino, New Mexico and all the beautiful many places unknown, had him affecting all those around him with a reverberation we know will last well beyond his years. A deeply compassionate and openly loving human, people fascinated Miles and in turn he fascinated them. His heart was, and still is, an open and inviting place. Miles had the gift of kind gentleness with a keen ability to establish and maintain long term and deep relationships with those he held so dear. In his short, yet well lived life, Miles worked hard at finding peace in who he was, so that he was able to embrace others wholly. Perfection resting at ease in the most delightfully imperfect places. Miles’ quest for new discoveries and the pleasures of food, philosophy, nature, science, spirituality, art and music were all on steady rotation. From an early age the fantastic intricacies of nature defined his personality. Staring deeply into handfuls of sand looking for treasures in the grains, rainforests, lizards, insects, mushrooms, oceans and forests. He was chatty with his discoveries and ready to share his personal encyclopedia of knowledge. As a young adult, his current book collection reflected his deep interests in the worlds of science, nature and spirituality. As a child, after many attempts at varied sports, which often had him running in the opposite directions and communing with butterflies in left field, he finally found the physical activity that spoke to his body which was dance. He was born with a natural rhythm that swayed with the movement of water. Miles' stage presence felt unworldly, his glide a flowing gift to behold and an inspiration to many. For 16 years he performed on any stage willing to host him with his greatest years steeped in The Movement Lab in Santa Rosa, CA. His elementary, Jr. and High school years he enraptured audiences from the stages at Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley (Petaluma, Ca) and Santa Rosa High School Artquest program (Santa Rosa, Ca). Recently he had adopted a new artistic avenue in music production and was a gifted and prolific lyricist and collaborator. His music yet to be released. The gift of his unique mind had no place in traditional systems, but with the skilled and open hearted dedication, insightfulness and guidance from his family and 9 years at Cherry Valley School (Petaluma Ca), he was able to greet the world as his classroom and approach other environments as adventures in learning as well. Cottonwood Gulch Camp (Albuquerque, NM) Big Mesa Farm (Comptche, CA) WOOFING in Equador. The natural world, endless internet explorations and tutorials, coupled with his extensive book collection all guiding his mind expansion. He would immerse himself in unique ways of learning and find joy with those who were also growing alongside him. Miles was quick to thank all those on this journey with him and would express his gratitude with ease and intention. At the time of his death Miles was living in present and openly thankful love, with his cherished family. He is survived by his father David Kintz, mother Laura Muckenhoupt and sister Isabella Kintz, in Petaluma, Ca. Grandmothers Bernadette Muckenhoupt, Sue Kintz, many aunts, uncles, cousins, dear friends and a beloved long term partner in love. Miles is predeceased by his grandparents Walter Lou Kintz, James Edward Muckenhoupt, Patricia Bottomly and his uncle Kevin Kintz. In Miles’ honor we will slow down and take care of ourselves and others, with honesty, love and pure intention and invite you to do the same. Commune in nature with respect and listen to what we all hear. Dance, plant things and live in love. If you’d like to donate in memory of dear Miles please visit and to gift tree plantings in Miles’ memory visit


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