Matthew Wilson

May 29, 1980 - June 23, 2022

Leaf - Earth Leaf - Earth Leaf - Earth Leaf - Earth

Matt Wilsom passed on June 23rd 2022. He was surrounded by his loved ones and passed comfortably in his sleep. He chose to be transformed into soil and be returned to the Earth to provide energy and nourishment. A bit different, huh? That was Matt. He loved being just a little edgy, just a little different, and he was. He was big and brooding but was the sweetest man you'd ever meet. He was always the little ones best friend, as well as the furry ones. He'd save any animal, from a spider, to a snake, to a bear, if he had to. He was fearless and wanted to try anything and everything most of us would find quite terrifying. Skydiving, going into space, spelunking, anything. He loved shitty horror movies, concerts, fantasy games, and so much more. If you wanted someone kind to have a good time with, Matt was your guy. Matt grew up in Texas with his younger brother and sister, then eventually made the decision to move to California, then on to Oregon. He loved being in a new place and the West Coast made him really happy - Portland brought out the best in him. Matt grew so much more confident in these last several years - no more silently hiding behind his long, brightly colored hair. He was always wanting to meet new people and try new things, when it comes down to it, he just wanted to be surrounded by cool people and enjoy life. He loved deeply and we loved him deeply, and we will all miss him. Today. Tomorrow. Next year. How could we ever forget Matt ♡


Leave the earth with beauty

Earth specializes in soil transformation, an environmentally-friendly alternative to burial and cremation. Over a 45-day process, we gently transform a body into nutrient-rich soil. We then send this soil to our local conservation land where it’s used for restoration projects such as reforestation and nourishing challenged ecosystems.

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