James Treichel

Nov. 27, 1954 - March 23, 2024

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James Ray Treichel was a goofy, supportive, intense, emotional and loving father. He taught his only child to never take things too seriously and always look on the bright side of life. He was an avid guitarist, drummer and keyboardist and his daughter is fortunate enough to have recordings of original songs her father composed and sung. Jimmy (or Jimbo) was a high risk-taker as a youth, and would pride himself on stories of flying planes, being outside on a Navy aircraft carrier during an ocean storm, diving off the Keys and exploring caves. He spent his days in his prime hiking The Loop and Grand Canyon, kayaking at night in his own custom rig, and playing tennis with some incredible athletes. My Dadeo had a gusto for life, had and beat cancer, survived multiple operations from complications stemming from chemical exposure during the war. He made a point even in his most frail of times to walk and move, support himself, change his diet, read up on health trends, and plan for the future. He valued all life, with multiple bird feeders constantly full at his home, caring for strays and leaving his garage door open during storms, caring for his own animals, having appreciation of the horses, dogs, cats & fish he had bonded with throughout his years. Our family was a small but mighty one. I will miss him dearly til my end.


Leave the earth with beauty

Earth specializes in soil transformation, an environmentally-friendly alternative to burial and cremation. Over a 45-day process, we gently transform a body into nutrient-rich soil. We then send this soil to our local conservation land where it’s used for restoration projects such as reforestation and nourishing challenged ecosystems.

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