James Kressbach

Oct. 5, 1949 - Nov. 1, 2022

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James “Jim” William Kressbach was born in Detroit, MI in 1949 to George Kressbach and Dorothy Westendorf. He passed away in Seattle, WA from cancer on November 2, 2022, at the age of 73. Jim grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and attended the University of Michigan between 1968-1972, where he studied architecture. After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture, he embarked on a cross-country road trip with his best friend, Doug. On their journey across the US, Jim first visited and fell in love with Seattle, where he would eventually settle. Jim was married to Yoshiko Ii who passed in 2021, in 1985 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He spent many years caring for her during her chronic illness. Jim worked as an architect in Seattle for more than four decades, spending the longest portion of his career with the Streeter and Associates Firm (formerly Streeter and Dermanis). During these years, Jim helped design major Seattle public projects, including T-Mobile and Lumen Fields. In addition to his local work, he contributed to major public works projects across the country, including the Manhattan Water Treatment Facility. While his work was prolific and diverse, he said his proudest accomplishment was his contribution to the West Point Treatment Plant, where he worked with several firms to construct the winding structure that surrounds Discovery Park. He and his colleagues were tasked with incorporating the built public works structures into the natural environment. The project was later featured in design publications including American Eden. In the last two decades, Jim used his extensive experience with public works projects as an independent consultant. Outside of work, Jim’s greatest passion was volleyball. An avid fan and player, he traveled across the country to watch and participate in tournaments. For years, he played in local rec leagues, competing and winning several metals in major national tournaments including the Senior National Games. During the summer, he loved to play volleyball with friends at Golden Gardens Park. Even after his health prevented him from participating, Jim would still spend weekends watching games at the park or attending University of Washington matches. Jim is survived by his sisters, Karen Fitzinger and Anne Czopek; his brother, Fred Kressbach; his daughter, Mikki Kressbach; and son, Kenzo Kressbach. Jim was composted with Earth, and his family plans to lay his soil in Michigan and Seattle in the coming months.


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