Elizabeth Ogden

Aug. 1, 1924 - March 24, 2023

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This remembrance was begun by Betsy. Hopefully other contributors will help complete it. Doris Elizabeth Ogden was born on August 1, 1924, in Sodos, New York. She was named after her mother, also Doris Elizabeth Ogden, but her nickname was Betty throughout her life. Her father was Edward M. (Ned) Ogden. The eldest of five, Betty was followed by sisters Katherine (Kith), Helen, Polly, and Virginia (Cricket). Betty's parents had a storybook romance and marriage; each held the other in the highest regard. The family lived on Kilbourn Road in Rochester, New York during the school year, but spent summers at Oakdene, a former boys' camp on 100 acres with frontage on Lake Ontario that the Ogdens and some friends bought as a summer retreat. While Ned remained in Rochester during the week, Doris and the girls spent the entire summer at “The Lake” enjoying the most idyllic of childhoods, swimming, searching for lucky stones on the beach, and exploring the woods. Best of all, neighbors gave the girls access to their ponies, which ignited a lifelong love in Betty. The Ogden family had creative interests, including drawing, reading, writing, and, most of all, playing music. Ned was a strong singer, and Doris both sang and played the piano. Betty’s formidable musical talent became apparent at a young age. At the age of 3, Betty could tell, with her back turned from the keyboard, whether a given note was black or white. From there, it was discovered she could also name the note, effortlessly; she had true perfect pitch, a gift shared by only 0.01% of the population. Luckily, the renowned Eastman School of Music was in Rochester, and had a preparatory department. Betty began formal study of music (violin and piano) at the age of 5 and continued at Eastman through her Bachelor’s Degree in violin, which was awarded in 19XX. On April 1, 1948 (yes, April Fools’ Day!), she married Joe Wahler. They were married for 50 years and had four children: Heidi, Terry, Anita, and Betsy.


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