Adrienne Rose Strubb

Sept. 8, 1983 - Jan. 13, 2024

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Adrienne Rose Strubb, 40 died early morning hours of January 13, 2024, surrounded by her beloved brother Dax and several of her longtime friends at her apartment in Hillsboro, Oregon. Adrienne was born September 8, 1983, in Portland, Oregon to Michael and Cheryl (Morgan) Strubb. In her earlier years she was raised above Buxton, Oregon in the mountains. For Adrienne’s early education she went to Banks School District and for sports she played softball. Her father Michael passed away in November 1990 from cancer at age 40. In June of 1991, her mom and two brothers moved to Cornelius, Oregon and finished her K-12 education at Hillsboro School District. During those years she was in several sports including swimming where she was on the Hillsboro Swim team. During this time, she had a father figure in her life, his name is Richard Tucker. In 2002 Adrienne graduated with honors from Glencoe High School. That fall she started her studies at Oregon State University. During her junior year she studied abroad at a University in Poitiers, France. She made long lasting friendships there. In 2008 she graduated from Oregon State University her Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife and her Bachelor of Arts degree in French. Her education did not stop there, Adrienne went for her master's degree at Middlebury Institute of Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California. During Adrienne’s last semester she studied at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. Adrienne graduated in 2012 with a Master of Arts Degree in International Environmental Policy. August 2012, she headed to Texas A&M, College Station, Texas. There she worked on her PhD degree under Dr Tarla Petterson for a period before she changed chairs to Dr Forrest Fleischman. In January 2016 Adrienne left the warm state of Texas to the very cold state of Minnesota to Join her chair Dr Forrest Fleischman to finish her PhD studies at University of Minnesota. In 2020 Adrienne received a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resources Science and Management. During her internships at both universities, she taught classes. Wherever Adrienne went to school she made lifelong friends that she stayed in touch with. In 2019 Adrienne started working full time for the US Forestry Service Regional Office in Denver, Colorado. In June 2021 she moved to Oregon to work on the Willamette National Forest as a NEPA Planner. While working for the US Forestry Service during fire season in several states. Adrienne worked in multiple positions in the Planning Section. She enjoyed this and looked forward to the next fire season. At the end of August 2022 Adrienne was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Triple Negative Breast Cancer is the most aggressive breast cancer out there. Adrienne ended up in the bottom 15% of patients that do not respond to normal treated Chemotherapies and Immunotherapies. By the end of December 2022, she had three surgeries. March when she reached Stage 4, she had already been on three chemotherapies and one immunotherapy. In March she started on 6 ½ weeks of Radiation Therapy going Monday – Friday. During this time, she stayed with her Uncle Kenneth Morgan and Aunt Lynn. Her Uncle helped her with the treatments. Family and friends helped with her treatment and doctor appointments. Her coworker across the USA donated their leave time to her. She tried to stay working full time but as time went on it got harder to do. Adrienne was a fighter to the end. She got a second opinion with Dana Farber Cancer Institute in March 2023. Then at the end of November 2023 Adrienne and her brother Dax went down to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas to see if she was a candidate for any of Dr Clinton Yam’s Triple Negative trial drugs. Adrienne was on her seventh different chemotherapy treatment in December after her appointment. By the time she found out January 10, 2024, she was a candidate for the trial drug it was too late, the cancer had spread in both lungs. Her family and friends were with her while she was in ICU and then over at her apartment before she passed. Adrienne’s final peaceful resting place will be in the Olympic Peninsula surrounded by Giant Maple, Red Cedar, and Douglas-Fir trees overlooking a valley.


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