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Return to earth

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We’re specialists in soil transformation, an environmentally-friendly alternative to burial and cremation. Over a 30-day process, we gently transform a body into nutrient rich soil.

Families choose how much soil they’d like returned – to scatter or plant – and the remainder is donated to local conservation partners where it’s used for land restoration.

The soil becomes a means to return nutrients from our bodies to the natural world. In turn, we restore forests, sequester carbon, and revitalize challenged ecosystems.

return to earth

Learn more about soil transformation, the process, and the environmental benefits

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Choose your funeral preference and lock in today’s price. Funeral costs have almost doubled over the past 10 years - with a prepaid plan you lock in today’s price for services in the future.

Protect the planet

Choose a funeral option that protects the planet for future generations, not one that actively harms it. Help restore forests, sequester carbon and nourish challenged ecosystems.

Protect your loved ones

Give your family the opportunity to grieve your loss and celebrate your life rather than face difficult decisions around your final wishes. Pay for everything now so they don’t have to.

State-of-the-art facilities

We own and operate the world’s most advanced soil transformation facility. Designed in conjunction with a leading sustainable architect, our facility uses 100% renewable energy and offers a beautiful send-off for a life well lived.

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Olympic Peninsula final resting place

Each soil transformation process produces an approximate cubic yard of soil. Choose how much soil you’d like returned and send the remaining soil to our Olympic Peninsula conservation site for land restoration projects.

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The Earth Package

Give the gift of peace of mind

This thoughtfully designed plan allows you to make arrangements for an eco-friendly funeral in advance, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Our package includes everything you need:

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    Transportation from place of passing

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    Filing of all necessary paperwork

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    Earth soil transormation process

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    The soil returned to your family

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    Worldwide travel protection

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1. Make arrangements

Make the arrangements online, over the phone, or at our facility. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

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2. Receive a welcome pack

We send you a welcome pack that includes five Earth membership cards. Keep one on your person, and give the others to family members.

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3. Arrange collection

Call us when you need us and we’ll handle the rest. Rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Earth.

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Decades of experience

We’re a team of highly experienced funeral professionals. With a focus on sustainability and technology, we have a different approach to the traditional industry. We’re creating an end-of-life experience like no other.

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Serving each family like our own

Ruth M.


Returning our bodies to the earth in a peaceful, gentle, natural process is one of the most powerful yet relaxing decisions we have ever made. Every interaction with Earth and all the wonderful people who provide this valuable service has been positive, respectful, and individualized to our needs. We feel assured that this all important final step is in excellent hands, and our family can be confident that our final resting place will be part of both restoration and timeless beauty on the Olympic peninsula.

King County, WA

Joni F.


The outdoors and nature have always been a very important part of my life. When finalizing plans for when I leave this world it made sense to have my remains transformed into eco-friendly soil - a relative new option that made sense to me. I chose Earth as my provider, a licensed and regulated funeral home with soil transformation facilities near me. They were extremely knowledgeable and accommodating, answering all my questions, offering a tour of their facility and making the process a simple one to complete. It makes me feel wonderful knowing that I will continue to contribute to the environment I have so valued during my life.

Kitsap County, WA
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